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This tiny island in the Maldives is part of a small atoll in the heart of the indian Ocean.
Rice terraces of Ubud, Indonesia.
In some areas of the world the desert can be just as mysterious as the sea. This particular image shows how wind patterns can affect the sand dunes surface. Shot off the coast of Africa.
Sailing up and down the coast of Madagascar was an experience I'll not soon forget. It's refreshing to know that places like this still exist in today's world.
An amazing rain squall that came through while in the Mentawai Islands
Tahitian Black Perils after a cool morning rain.
The water clarity and beautiful reefs in the Maldives has made for some amazing images taken by talented photographers from around the world.
Looking out from a peril farm in Tahiti
I love Asia, even the alley ways are interesting and full of life.
This shot was taken in South Korea when I randomly stumbled upon an amazing lantern festival.
I came across this Boab tree forest while traveling through the arid desert in Madagascar. These trees are hundreds of years old and can easily reach to be a thousand. Inside of them is where they store water to help survive the hot and dry climate.
In the Maldives it can be scorching hot all day long when out of nowhere these giant squalls will sneak up on you and leave everything soaking wet with gale force winds. Then, once the weather changes and the sky is black, the storm leaves just as quickly
This is probably one of my favorite spots on earth. What you can't see is the two dozen perfect waves just beyond those trees.
An unexpected detour while on the road led me to this historical landmark in Paris, France.
Philippine Islands. My grandfather is originally from here and this was my welcome home surprise from the chief of a nearby village. A good old fashioned cock fight.
Nusa Lembongan Island, Indonesia
Every morning the fishermen at Padang Padang gather on these limestone rock formations to cast their fishing poles on the island of Bali.
Mozambique on Africa's east coast offers countless set ups such as this one. Weather conditions can be a major issue in this part of the world though and the torrential current can rip you over a mile down the points.
Sumbawa peeling off in to the sunset.
An empty wave reels off somewhere in the Spice Islands.
An outer reef swell in Indonesia feeling out the trade winds.
Indonesia's more remote islands offer plenty of surf if your willing to go the extra mile and look.
"The Outsiders". An Australian father and his son enjoying the magic of Kadadhoo atoll in the Indian Ocean while classmates and work colleagues of theirs push paper and pencils all day.
Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa
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