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Christian is an Action Sports, Lifestyle, & Nature Photographer:


     "Growing up skateboarding I was always astonished by the amount of pain, passion, and determination athlete's such as surfers and skateboarders endured for their goal. As an adult, I have felt compelled to show this feeling of determination through photography. In order to convey a specific feeling photograpgically, certain lighting techniques can be required. These techniques along with the use of shadows tell a story and play a crucial role in my images.


     It was because of a surfing accident that I first picked up a camera, as a way to spend time at the beach while having a creative outlet. My job now, as an adventure photographer has given me the opportunity to travel the world as well as create custom artwork for The Four Seasons and Hawaii Prince Hotels among others. Working with design teams here in Hawai'i has allowed me to focus on my artistic outlet while at the same time bring me to the furtherst reaches of the planet. I feel beyond grateful and extremely privileged that my career allows me to live the life I do while supporting my family and lifestyle. 


      Photography for me is a way to not just capture a moment, but capture a memory. Single images can trigger a string of memories, maybe from a boat trip in the South Pacific or a half pipe session that went down in a friends backyard. Recollecting these moments in our lives is always fun, and has the ability to shape who we are today. My photography is the outcome of my passion for both the beauty of mother nature and the people who follow their dreams. 

These images are the result and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. " 


Mahalo & Aloha Nui.


- Christian LaCuesta






C h r i s t i a n   La C u e s t a

South Kohala, Hawai'i

   Hotel Display Artwork









- Hapuna Beach Prince, Hawai'i

- Prince Resorts, Waikiki, O'ahu

- Four Seasons, Ko'olina, O'ahu


Donation & Charity Work







- Surfrider Foundation

- Shane Dorian Keiki Classic

-Hawai'i State Cancer Society

Travels Include:

- Bali

- Korea 

- Malaysia 

- The Maldives

- South Africa

- Mozambique          

- Dubai

- Sumbawa

- Madagascar

- Paris

- Mentawai Islands

- Costa Rica

- Nicaragua

- Panama

- Caribbean

- Philippines

- Australia

- Fiji

- Tahiti

Contact Info
Phone:  (808) 987-5526    9a.m. - 5p.m.  


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